JONWAI : SEW Injection Machine creates disruptive technology

JONWAI’s plastics injection molding machine has reached another milestone on technical breakthrough. The SEW series are the upgraded version of wide platen Injection molding machine. With the extra wide platen and tie bar space in design, mold loading capacity increased about 20 to 25%. For instance, a 32 cavities bottle caps mold would originally be loaded on a 220 tons machines while with the introduction of SEW, the same mold could be placed in a 120 tons machine. It enlarged the value of production by upgrading the machine capacity for larger and wider platen under the same investment. SEW series machine is suitable for machining houseware, bottle caps, pens, and automobile components. Read More


Jon Wai showing foldable crate and ultra thin container (0.38mm) with IML

We show 2 remarkable IML systems in K fair 2019. 1. 4 cav ice cream cup with 2.5 sec cycle time. 2. Foldable box with IML system with 7 sec cycle time. Read More


130SEWTS high speed machine equipped accumulator running 2.9 sec cycle time with 0.32kw/kg power consumption

Jon Wai showed 130SEWTS machine runs 4 cav ultra thin Ice Cream Cup with IML robot with 2.9 sec cycle time.  The wall thickness of this ice cream cup is only 0.35mm including label.  With the unique hydraulic system design, the real power consumption is only 0.32 kw/kg even running during fast operation.  The cycle time and power consumption are closed to all electric machine. Read More


How much you can save? -- Electrical Charging System on PET Preform Production

How much you can save? -- Electrical charging system on PET Preform production. The main criteria to select suitable injection molding machine : 1. Power consumption, a part of your running cost 2. Cycle time, meaning productivity The two factors would be critical to your ROI, and it would be the main focus. Considering PET production, would be more emphasized on the productivity and running cost. So we’d like to share below case which is the solution we delivered to our client. Case study on power saving 0.2kwh/kg, Low power consumption on 420PETW machine for 25g preform production Item: 25g preform (2925 neck) Cavity of Mold: 48 cav Cycle time: 25 sec Machine: 420PETW machine equipped 1. Servo motor power saving system 2. Electric charging system The power consumption of our machine is close to the all-electric machine. This case study proves the power efficiency of Jon Wai machine is excellent. Low power consumption reduces the running cost. It is helpful to maintain the margin of production and make our customer success. What could be the NEXT? Running same 48 cav mold on 280 tons machine!!! With wide platen design, the mold loading capacity is increased more than 30%. As the clamping force is not an issue of preform production, now the customer can run the same 48 cav mold on 280PETW easily. Besides the output is higher, the power consumption of the small tonnage machine is also less. Most important is the investment of the machine, no doubt, customer can use the less budget to get the highest output with lower running cost. Read More


Synergy of Electric Charging System on Big Tonnage Machine

JW-1850CFS machine equips electric charging system to produce 120L dustbin. What is the benefit? 1. Reduce 52.9% power consumption 2. Reduce the cycle 45sec cycle time 3. Increase 81000 pcs output every year 4. Saving 6.94 working hours every day The total saving of power consumption and running cost every month is about USD15,000. We save more for customer!!!. Customer earns more by using Jon Wai machine!!! * the calculate based on real measurement of energy meter in the customer’s factory. Read More


Super low power consumption PET Preform Molding Machine

48cav Preform production, power consumption only 0.22kw/kg. Read More


High Speed Closure Molding System

32cav 2925 cap, cycle time only 3 sec. Read More


K 2019  Jon Wai  13A89


2019 / 10 / 16 ~ 23 Booth No. : 13A89 Düsseldorf, Germany

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2019 / 12 / 04 ~ 07 Istanbul, Turkey Booth no. 1. Hall 2 : 206A 2. Hall 12 : 1210

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